The Best Solutions for Buying And Selling Used Camera Gear

If you are anything like us here at Promotevents, you often buy and sell your camera gear to stay up with the gear that fits your needs and projects the best. Over the years, we have bought and sold hundreds of pieces of gear. Some for consistent use and others for specific projects we have worked on. While sometimes we have chose to rent the gear we need for specific projects, often the length of time that gear is needed, ends up costing us more than we could buy and then sell the gear for afterwords.

How we used to buy and sell camera gear

The main problem here is that it is just TOO MANY platforms

So in the past when we have chose to buy the camera gear we need, we would end up selling it on the normal channels and platforms available. EBay, Craigslist, Facebook, Offer Up, etc. The main problem here is that it is just TOO MANY platforms to deal with and keep track of our listings. Then comes the other issues we have experienced first hand. Costs. EBAY charges 10% plus add-on fees for selling and they bill you at the end of the month, so it is hard to keep track of what you really got for your camera gear. Then there is the free outlets like Craigslist, which has a limited reach to your local area, spammers galore, and the biggest issue. SAFTEY. No matter how many times we have sold gear and met someone on Craiglist, it is nerve-racking to say the least until you actually meet the person in a public place and are sure they are cool. That is IF they actually meet you. Yes, we have had our share of people not even showing up. Why even say you will meet?

Our new way of buying and selling photography gear

Then comes the solution that has recently been released. Gear Focus. We found out about Gear Focus through a social media post on a group we belong to. So we decided to check it out. We signed-up in a a flash using our google account. Cool feature for sure. Then we filled out our store and named it with a logo and description. Then proceeded to list our first item for sale. Chose the categories which fit the product. Our first item was a Canon 5D MKIII camera. And bam it was listed. We shared on our social media pages, but also to our surprise Gear Focus shared on their Facebook page as well! They had at the time over 2500 likes, so this was a nice added bonus for selling there as it gained exposure the first day we listed. 3 days later and we received the email “Congrats You’re Item has SOLD on Gear Focus! The best part is they ran a ZERO seller fees offer the first month after launch, so we paid ZERO fees for selling and only the payment processing fee which we are used to with Ebay of 2.9%. Even at their current rate of 3.5% seller fees, it is less than half of Ebay’s fees and at the rate we buy and sell gear, this will be a decent savings over a period of time.

Our first sale on

Buying and selling photo and video gear can be a pain and a long process. We know that Gear Focus is new as they just launched in Sept 2019. But we love the idea and are part of the movement to help them grow for many reasons. We will finally have a platform as photographers and videographers that will allow us to sell the gear we no longer need, while finding the gear we do need at a good used price. We also spoke with a couple customer service reps from Gear Focus and they were very helpful and accommodating. They are also creatives themselves, so it is extra nice to know that like-minded people are running the show.

You should check them out and sign-up if you are looking to sell used camera gear or to buy gear. Let’s face it, we need to spread the word so we build the community and movement they are trying to create. We need help each other in this creative world we live in. That is why we chose to write up this blog about our experience and excitement of Gear Focus.