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Promotevents provides the highest quality videography services at an affordable price for all budgets. From simple event coverage to cinematic videos, we can help cover, promote and increase exposure for your next event. We produce aerial videography/photography and are able to record and deliver in full HD all the way up to 4K in full, 10-bit color (which is amazing for green screening). We also provide, cinematic slow motion in 4K and super slow motion in full HD. Other services include, product/branding videos and photography, individual and company/corporate video bios and short, fun videos giving a background on the person or company mixed with cool time-lapse/B-Roll footage. 

It’s important to remember that videography is both a skill and an art. In today’s digital, high-tech world, it’s tempting to think anyone with a cellphone can be a videographer. Event videography is a very different matter. An event videographer is an experienced professional with knowledge of lighting, angles and camera functions who knows professional event video production, and that professionalism will show in your finished product.

If you don’t hire the most qualified professionals, that will show, too. Since Promotevents has some of the most skilled and affordable videographers in the business, it makes sense to use us.

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Our name says it all. Our goal is to promote your event, whether ahead of the event, during the event, or after the event. Don’t let the fantastic moments go without being captured. Every event has its highlights, and simply telling people in writing doesn’t show them how great of a time your event was. As they say, seeing is believing.

You can see the difference just by looking at social media phenomena. It’s not compellingly-scripted documents that go viral — it’s eye-catching, funny, thought-provoking or clever videos. It’s a hilarious, on-point picture in the form of a meme. People today expect great video when you’re promoting something, and if you don’t have it, you can’t expect people to pay attention and take the actions you want them to take.

At Promotevents, our team knows how to create the videos that can get people talking, and under the right circumstances, even create a viral phenomenon. These are videos that evoke great memories in people who were at the event and make people who missed the event feel like they were there. They’re the videos that will have people talking about you and your brand long after the event is over.

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To repeat: Seeing is believing. We wouldn’t be great videographers if we didn’t want to show off our skills. We’re proud of the work we do and we know you’ll be proud of the work we do for you, too, which is why we’d love for you to see what we do firsthand. That’s why we are constantly adding new examples of our recent work. You can view video samples of our work on our Official Vimeo Page.

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Promotevents has over 50 videographers and photographers to cover any and all needs for your video and photo production needs. We have covered over 25 camera shoots, producing final footage of over 10 different event activities. No matter what your needs are, our professional team has you covered. 

We’ve worked very hard to assemble the most experienced and gifted videographers and photographers we can find. We hold every potential employee to stringent standards before we decide they are qualified to be a Promotevents event videographer or photographer.

 It’s not enough just to know your way around the camera. Our videographers and photographers have the skills, talent and artistry to get the best shots to cast your event and your brand in the best possible light. When you hire Promotevents, you’ll always get the highest level of professionalism in your videography and photography services.

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