Video Editing Services

At Promotevents our video editing services provide unmatched professionalism and deadline flexibility. Our editors have endless resources for limitless creative possibilities. Utilizing state of the art editing software, such as, but not limited to, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Adobe AfterEffects® and more, we have the tools and expertise to create any type of videography editing service that you need.

Video Editing Features

Post Production

We specialize in video post-production services, including editing, color correction, effects, graphics, music and sound mixing.

Visual Effects

We offer a full range of services in visual effects (VFX) for video, which will take your video to the next level in professionalism and memorability.

Web Video

We provide full streaming video that is prepared to your specifications, for phone, tablet, computer, broadcast, and digital cinema formats.


Let Promotevents advise you on any aspect of your video service needs. We can help you plan your next project from start to finish.

Color Correction

We provide complete color correction and color grading services, using industry standard tools such as Davinci Resolve to balance the feel for your projects.

Audio Production

From in-studio voice overs to complete soundtracks, including royalty-free music and audio for video production, newscasts, sports highlights, tributes and slide shows can all benefit from an appropriate soundtrack.

The Importance of Great Video Editing Services

If you’ve ever seen someone take a video using their phone or with basic video equipment, you probably have noticed the finished result doesn’t look quite as professional as it could. These videos are fine, but no one would mistake them for professional films. That may be due to the skill of the videographer, but it may also be due in large part to the lack of adequate video editing services.

Quality video production services can make all the difference. You have probably noticed the trailer phenomenon, where the trailer or preview of a movie ends up looking much, much better than the actual film. This is all due to the magic of editing. A good video editing company can make an adequate or even a bad movie look good, and can make a good video look phenomenal. This is exactly what you need when it comes to corporate video production.

Doing Your Own Video Editing vs. Professional Video Editing Services From Promotevents

It’s true that in today’s high-tech society, you can film and edit your own videos, but we don’t recommend it. It can be expensive to purchase all the best editing software you will need to produce exactly the videos you want, and it will rarely be cost-effective, given the number of videos you are likely to make. More importantly, in the hands of an unskilled operator, do-it-yourself editing can actually make the finished product look worse than the raw video, which is the opposite of what you need. Trying to reverse the situation will be time-consuming, and you are still unlikely to end up where you want to be.

We already have the best tools and the most skilled and experienced operators we can find. Since we also have the lowest prices, it makes little sense to attempt to do your own video editing. In addition, we are capable of performing aspects of video editing at the highest level that you may not have even considered.

You’ve taken the time to create a world-class, professional-level film or video. Why skip the final, most important step? Give your video the treatment it deserves with the help of the highly-skilled video editing services that Promotevents provides.