Color Correction Services

We provide complete color correction and grading services, using industry-standard tools such as Davinci Resolve to balance the feel for your film or video project. Our editing team has over 15 years’ experience editing videos and films for a consistent look and feel.

Do you have all the makings of a great video, but you still feel something doesn’t look quite right? Are you unable to put your finger on what’s not working in your movie, but you know something is wrong? The issue may be color correction. Without a quality, color correction service, it’s hard to know if your color balance is throwing off your video.

Promotevents can analyze your product right away and tell you if color correction service is needed. If it is, our team of skilled, video production professionals can come in and resolve the problem quickly, so your video features vibrant, balanced color and looks great.

What Is Color Correction and Why Do You Need It?

If you’re not familiar with color correction service, you may wonder exactly what it means and why it’s so important to have for your videos. Color correction, also called color grading, is the process where someone alters or enhances the color of a video in order to correct perceived visual problems with the underlying image. Color correction artists go frame-by-frame through your video and make sure all the colors line up the way they are supposed to, in order to give your video the best possible visual appearance.

In addition to our complete video production services, Promotevents offers a full range of color-correction services, including:

  • Detailed motion tracking for even the slightest adjustment on just a product, face, or even individual color
  • White balance correction
  • Creating visual coherence in balance and tone
  • Fixing excessive exposure problems
  • Scene-to-scene matching of footage
  • Facial enhancements and improvements
  • Broadcast-safe video

The Benefits of Color Correction with Promotevents

Not all shots or segments of your video will require color correction. In fact, some videos will not need color correction at all. However, if your video does need color correction and you do not address it, you will have a problem. In some cases, it will be obvious that the colors are off. In other cases, something will seem off about your video, and neither you nor your audience will know exactly why. They will simply know it doesn’t look right, and that will detract from the power of your presentation.

With Promotevents’ color correction service, we can prevent that from happening. Remember that not only does Promotevents have the tools and skilled professionals to provide quality color correction services to make your videos look as professional as possible, we also offer the lowest prices in the industry. With the potential ROI you can achieve due to the professionalism of your videos color corrected with Promotevents, engaging our services is almost always the most cost-effective approach.

For projects with complete visual continuity, enhanced looks with incredible exposure and lighting, let us handle your videos and films!