Time-Lapse Video & Photography

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Time-Lapse Video & Photography Services

Time-lapse video is a specialized medium where stationary cameras photograph a subject or event over a specified period of time. The photographer or editor then digitally speeds up the captured images and compresses the entire sequence of events into a few minutes, or even seconds. This often results in a surreal visual effect that gives the viewer the sense that he or she is standing apart from the normal flow of time.

Promotevents: We’re Experts in the Fine Art of Time-Lapse Video Production

Time-lapse video production is a difficult medium to master — it’s important to choose a production company that understands how to use it effectively.

At Promotevents, we’re able to use time-lapse video and photography to its maximum effect to create compelling visual presentations, enhancing your marketing and branding efforts. Our skilled time-lapse photographers implement the most innovative techniques to create a unique perspective that will captivate and motivate your customers and prospects.

Where Can You Use Time-Lapse Photography?

Our extensive time-lapse video production capabilities are well-suited for production/manufacturing operations for giving viewers a condensed view of the numerous steps involved in making your products from start to finish.

Time-lapse is also an effective tool for construction firms to demonstrate the time and effort involved in bringing a building design concept to life. Event coordinators can use time-lapse to show how the venue fills with attendees, giving the viewer a sense of the scope and scale of the event. Marketers can use it in vehicles such as promotional videos, commercials and social media presentations to attract and hold the attention of potential buyers.

Why Choose Promotevents for Your Time-Lapse Video Production Needs?

Promotevents is a full-service media production company with a proven track record of attaining successful outcomes for clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Our experienced time-lapse photographers have a passion for what they do, and it shows in the professionalism and close attention to detail in their work.

We also have the state-of-the-art video production and post-production equipment and facilities that will make a noticeable difference in the quality of the completed project.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Time-Lapse Video Production Capabilities

If you’d like to take an in-depth look at time-lapse video and photography and learn more about its numerous benefits, contact Promotevents today. We’d be happy to schedule a free, initial consultation at your convenience. We also encourage you to visit our online video portfolio to view samples of our work.

Venues  Sports clubs, arenas, charities, fundraisers and art expositions attract thousands of visitors. With time-lapse photography services, you can show fans or guests filling an immense space. This can be a very impressive sight, and has practical applications to the promotion and branding of the event or event venue.

Marketing  Time-lapse photography services can also be used by major brands for marketing engagement, commercials, viral contests, and social promotions.

Production or Assembly  Show your customers how your product is made. Through our time-lapse photography services, you can provide an intimate look into how you manufacture the product they use every day.

Construction Projects  Imagine capturing your entire construction project from start to finish, and showcasing your days, weeks, months or years of work in just a few minutes. Time-lapse photography services enable you to display your work in high definition. This can become part of your sales material, online branding, or both.

Interior Design  A home redesign is a great subject for time-lapse photography services. Time-lapse techniques are used regularly on network television design shows. We offer time-lapse production services that can make your business stand out.

Cityscapes  Time-lapse services are perfect for capturing cityscapes and to highlight the city’s beauty. In particular, time-lapse photography services lend well to the movement of large crowds, or traffic. There’s nothing more magical than the flow of time. A promotional video production for your business featuring time-lapse production techniques could easily entice tourists to visit.

Nature or Outdoors  It isn’t surprising that time-lapse photography services are well-adapted to nature or outdoor scenery. Time-lapse video production was, arguably, most heavily popularized by Dr. John Ott, a photographer who documented the slow growth of plants.

Landscaping | Infrastructure  A beautiful landscape takes a lot of vision and work to create. Time-lapse photography services can be used by civil engineers, architects, and landscapers as a visual tool on a website to show potential clients how it is done, and hopefully to entice them to retain your services.

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